In a world where challenges and circumstances change at breakneck speed, acquiring the right knowledge, skills, and strategies is pivotal to successfully navigate the complex maze of public service.

Introducing The Bridgebuilder’s Playbook: A Proven Strategy for Excelling inYour New Government Position—a comprehensive guide for the modern public sector leader. Authored by the celebrated luminaries in public sector innovation, William D.Eggers and Donald F. Kettl, this playbook presents a strategic 100-day plan designed to amplify your leadership, stimulate effective teamwork, and catalyze substantial outcomes.

As you embark on this transformative journey detailed in the playbook, you will appreciate the profound importance of your role as a Bridgebuilder. with each day presenting an opportunity to unite people, ideas, and resources, there by shaping a brighter future for your organization and the communities it serves.

The Authors

William D. Eggers


An esteemed author and thought leader for public sector transformation, Executive Director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights, William D. Eggers, spearheads the firm’s public-sector thought leadership and brings forth innovative ideas to address the challenges of our interconnected world. Eggers is renowned for his expertise in navigating complex issues and dedication to transforming governance through collaboration and effective problem-solving.

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Donald F. Kettl


A distinguished Public Management Scholar, professor emeritus, and former dean at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, is a renowned authority in governance and public affairs. With a wealth of expertise, he has made significant contributions to the field through extensive research and publications, focusing on transforming governance and fostering collaboration to address complex challenges in the public sector.

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Bridgebuilders: How Government Can Transcend Boundaries to Solve Big Problems

In today’s interconnected world, traditional approaches to problem-solving fall short.

Bridgebuilders offers a fresh and essential model for tackling complex challenges in the public sector, advocating for a new type of leader—the Bridgebuilder—who collaborates across sectors and organizations to get things done. By managing horizontally, connecting diverse stakeholders, and identifying necessary resources, Bridgebuilders break down silos and drive effective solutions.


Within the pages of Bridgebuilders, authors William D. Eggers, Executive Director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights, and Donald F. Kettl, distinguished Public ManagementScholar, provide their insights – providing this vital resource for individuals dedicated to transforming governance, navigating uncertainty, and fostering robust connections within and beyond government agencies.

Serving as a roadmap and illustrating how collaboration can be effectively harnessed and barriers dismantled to address problems head-on, Bridgebuilders provides a wellspring of inspiration for a new generation of leaders dedicated to making a positive impact within the public sector.

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